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Are the years starting to show on the outside of your home? Dirt, grime, and mold turning that vibrant blue into tarnished blah? It’s time for a full renovation of your home. Some new siding with new shutters for your windows. That is going to run up a pretty hefty home decor bill. Before grabbing a hard hat and hammer grab an iPhone first. There might be a more cost-effective way to restore the shine to your Daytona Beach home. The answer is a visit from a Daytona Beach Pressure Washing company. 

Professional pressure washing services can remove years of build up from your home. Not only from the sides but also from the walkways and the roof. Even driveways can be given a new facelift with a simple pressure wash cleaning. This has quite a few benefits.

Better Property Value: If you are trying to sell your home consider getting it pressure washed. It will look more welcoming and more vibrant. It might even bring the physical value of the property up.

Curb Appeal: When your home looks better, the homes around it look better. Being the ugly house in a nice neighborhood is a title no one cares to have.

Mold Removal: As dirt and grime grow on the side of a home so can mold. Mold can damage property and harm our health. Removing it is always a good idea.

Prevention: Dirt, grime, mold, and mildew can cause your siding and wood to rot over time. Pressure washing can help reduce the amount of rot and decay that occurs in your home.

Confidence: When you bring someone over to a clean home you feel good about yourself. A nice pressure washed home will welcome any guest.

  Set an appointment with the the Daytona Beach Pressure Washing company people trust most and see what we have to offer. Contact Crystal Clear Pressure Washing Services. From the siding to the driveway Crystal Clear has you covered.



So after several years your driveway, barbecue grill, or car has spent enough time buried in grime, dirt and assorted garden debris.

It’s time for a good old-fashioned pressure washing.

What may surprise you is that going out and buying a pressure washer is actually not the best idea. Not with the comprehensive pressure washing services, with a host of great equipment, and years of industry experience to their name.

Ready for ten great reasons to get the services of a high-pressure washing service? Great, because we’re ready to give them to you!

Personal Injury

The biggest reason for hiring a professional pressure washing service is the potential for bodily injury. It’s nearly impossible to go to the store, buy a pressure washer, and bring it home without someone saying “Better watch out! That thing will punch a hole in your foot!”

And they’re right.

PSI (pounds per square inch) is a standard unit of measurement for gauging pressure. It is the force at which water comes out of a nozzle, measuring the strength of that stream. If you’ve ever fallen into a swimming pool, flat and at high speed, you’ll understand how “solid” water can be when collided with at speed.

But getting back to the issue at hand: 1,160 PSI is enough to break through human skin.

For reference, 1,500 PSI is considered low end for a pressure washer, mostly good for cleaning barbecue grills and vehicles. At that low level, though, they can already break and damage skin.

Property Damage

When it comes to pressure washing, damaging your property is the opposite of what you want. Broken windows, permanent divets in your driveway, or cracked paving aren’t worth the time and money, especially when they’re avoidable.

And, as with cutting through human flesh, it doesn’t take much pressure to damage your home. A measly 1,740 PSI will punch a hole in concrete.

Saves Time

Much like washing a car or cleaning your garage, pressure washing takes time.

In order to get into all the corners and hidden areas of your home or driveway where grime might be hiding, you might need a whole afternoon.

Professional pressure washing services might cost a little more money, but it means you won’t get stuck working through it all on your own.

Saves Money

On top of the time you’ll spend working your way through a high-pressure wash, there’s the cost of the job itself.

You’ll need equipment, the cost of which depends on how much pressure you’ll need. Cleaning your deck might not call for much of a wash (2600 PSI will do), but cleaning graffiti or industrial equipment requires up to 4000 PSI. All of these can be expensive.

Latest Equipment

Pressure washers, like any other equipment, come out with new models, every year. And a lot of the time, these bring with them a series of very useful features. Hiring a professional means you can get the use of the latest equipment, without having to buy it yourself.

Someone Else’s Liability

Whether you injure yourself or your property is one thing. The possibility that you might injure someone else is something completely different. Pressure washer companies legally have to be insured, which means anything they break (yours or your neighbour’s), they need to be able to pay for. This takes the pressure (so to speak) off of you if something goes wrong.

Less Environmental Risk

Professional pressure washers know how to control their machinery so that animals, plant life and natural habitats aren’t damaged. If you haven’t been trained or have little experience, it could be easy to strip a tree of its bark, destroy an ant hill, or decimate a rose bush in one swoop.

Less Mess

A pressure washing company, by virtue of being a business wanting to keep costs low, is more likely to recycle water. This process means less splashing, runoff, soaked soil and mess to clean up, afterwards. Water used for washing is collected and recycled, making for a closed system you don’t need to clean up after.

Less Waste

As a homeowner, you may have very clear ideas of what you need from a pressure washing project.

As someone who doesn’t pressure wash for a living, however, you may not have the experience you need to choose the right pressure for the job.

Go too softly, you may as well have washed with a garden hose.

Go too hard, and you could wreck your car or driveway.

Professional pressure washing services will have a range of PSIs to choose from, and the know-how to choose the right one for your unique needs.

Soaps: A Real Concern

Pressure washing isn’t just about opening the nozzle on your washer and blasting your driveway or car.

There’s the question of soap, as well.

A professional will know the right combination of cleaners, soaps and solutions to use in order to get a long-lasting clean. Or, alternatively, they’ll know when you can skip those and go straight for the water.

Discover High-End Pressure Washing Services

In life, as in cleaning, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Interested in pressure washing services for your home, driveway, or car? Get in touch with us, and discover professional exterior cleaning solutions to change the way you see your home.