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Is there a demand for window cleaners?

Some people never see window cleaners, or really don’t think about them until they realize they really don’t want to clean their own windows. Window cleaners are in high demand during certain seasons. In most of the country, spring and summer time is the time to get your windows cleaned. You will be hard pressed to find a company to get to you scheduled in less that a week’s time. In the southern states like Arizona, Texas and Florida their season are reversed. Fall and spring are their busy times.

You can visit our residential window cleaning and pressure washing services page.

What is a good streak free window cleaner?

Vinegar and ammonia are always thrown around as amazing window cleaners that do not leave streaks. The biggest problem when using Windex, or any other cleaner is that people wipe the glass with a rag, newspaper, paper towel, or even coffee strainers. This simply moves the dirt from the glass all around while leaving it on the surface! Dave from Professional Window Cleaning says none of these solutions even mater. It is strictly how you remove the cleaner from the glass. Use a professional squeegee to evenly pull all the soap and water from the glass and you will have your streak-free window cleaner!

Can you use newspaper to clean glass?

Streaks being left behind is most aggravating when attempting to clean your own windows. Is there something simple that can be used at home to clean my windows? Newspaper is an old wives tale when it comes to cleaning windows without streaking. The Squeegee was invented way back in 1936 to replace using towels or newspapers to clean windows. Let’s get into the right century, and stop using newspaper to clean windows. The problem with any sort of paper is that is simply smears all the dirt that is already on the window around. There is no way to get a streak free shine when using a towel or paper. There is a way to clean without leaving streaks… Stick to a squeegee and you will not see streaks any more!

What is the difference between power washing and pressure washing?

Is there a difference between pressure and power washing?  The quick answer is no there is not.  This is simply two ways to say the same thing. Power and pressure washing both use high powered water to remove dirt, grime, grease, oil stains, paint, and more from cement, wood, decks, people's houses, and much more.

Power washing is a great way to keep the dust and dirt away while keeping up with the appearance of your home or business

Thanks to Ben at Tampa Bay Window Cleaners in Tampa, FL.

How do you remove streaks from glass?

If you are cleaning your own windows, then you may notice that those stubborn streaks keep coming back over and over again!  You clean the inside, then the outside, then do it all again because you can't figure if the streaks are inside or outside.

Well, here is some valuable help for you.  Here is how you can remove streaks from glass.  The first thing you will need is a real squeegee.  The kind professionals use.  You can find one online or at a janitorial supply store in your town.

Once you have the right squeegee, wet the window down with dish soap and water. Now take your brand-new squeegee and remove the soapy water from the glass.  Now do the other side of the glass and you will see all the streaks have gone away!

-Thanks to Clarity Window Cleaning & Gutters for this valuable window cleaning tip!

How much should I pay for window cleaning?

If you have never paid a window cleaning company to come wash your windows, then you may not have a clue what the cost will be.  Here are a few guidelines and average costs window cleaners charge to clean windows.

  • First, they count the panes of glass you have on your home, and then follow the guidelines listed below:
  • Inside & outside window cleaning: $6 to $10 per window pane
  • Outside windows only: $4 to $6 per pane, they will charge more for 2nd or 3rd floor windows
  • Sunscreen removal, cleaning and re-installing: $4 to $6 per sunscreen
  • Light fixtures: $5 for super small up to $250+ for large chandeliers with many hanging crystals
  • Ceiling fans: $5 for reachable fans that are fairly clean to $30 for high ceiling fans and super dirty fans
  • Mirrors: $5 to $15 per mirror depending on size and ease of access.
How much should I charge to pressure wash a fence?

The charge to pressure wash a fence depends in large part on the square-footage of the fence.

The average power washing charge in the United States for wooden fences in 2020 is:

$100 for 300-square-foot.

$180 for 500-square-foot.

$300 for 800-square-foot.

This means a charge of approximately $0.30 - $0.35 per-square-foot. This is a good way to start. However, you should take other factors into account as well.

  • How much competition is in your area from other pressure washing companies?
  • What is the average price of your competitors (if there are competitors)?
  • Did you just start your business and you don't have brand visibility yet or are you an established brand?
    What are your costs for material and overhead?
  • What is your business strategy? Do you aim to keep expenses low and thus charge on the low-end? Or is your goal to provide exquisite, all-inclusive service, that comes with a charge on the high-end?

Use the average charge to start with and modify your charge according to the mentioned factors to come to a charge that fit your business,

How Much Should I Charge to Pressure Wash a House?

Power washing a house eliminates mold, dirt, algae, and mildew using quality detergents and water pumps. The process involves using a gasoline or electric motor to power a strong-pressure hose and sprayer to create a powerful spray. To enhance the cleaning effect, chemicals and detergents are used.

Nowadays, hiring professional power washers are a must. It is strongly recommended to let them handle the cleaning because they have the necessary skills and knowledge. They would be able to utilize different techniques that would cater to your specific problem. In terms of how long the job takes to finish, expect to have your house cleaned in less than an hour.

The final cost of having your house pressure washed will depend on several things - accessibility, cleaning extent, packages, and more. To give you a general idea, you can expect to pay between $200 to $300 depending on the area you live in.

You can learn more information about power washing from Wash Pros Power Washing Services.

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